What We Do

Artistic Inventions specializes in delivering a wide variety of services ranging from Software Engineering Consulting, Application Design and Development, Multi Media Applications, Technical Writing and Training as well as ISO 9001 services.

On the Technology side we utilize the latest technology and tools provided by Microsoft and others. 
From the Artistic side we utilize the Adobe Create Suite of products.

The services of Artistic Inventions are available on a per contract or per hour basis.
Software Engineering Consulting, Application Design and Development in ... 
  • C# (using Microsoft Visual Studio 2015)
  • Microsoft .NET
  • C / C++ (using Microsoft Visual Studio 2015)
  •  Windows Forms / WPF Windows User Interfaces (using Microsoft Visual Studio 2015, Microsoft Expression Blend)
  • ASP.NET and Other Web Applications
  • Web Site Design (including CSS, HTML, JavaScript, JQuery using Microsoft Expression Web)
  • Database (using Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Microsoft Access)
  • WCF Applications
  • Android App development
Multi Media 
  • High Definition Video Recording & Editing (using Adobe Premiere Pro / Soundbooth / After Effects / Encore)
  • High Quality Digital Photography (Objects or Persons)
  • Logo and Image Design / Editing (using Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator)
Technical Writing & Training 
  • Creating Multi Media Training material (using Adobe Captivate)
  • Creating Context Sensitive Help Files
  • Writing of Technical Documentation and Manuals
ISO 9001
  • Assisting companies in developing processes to qualify for ISO 9001-3 (Software Equivalent) certification.
  • One of the Artistic Inventions consultants is an international qualified Software Auditor.

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